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MAAPP technology for the commercial cleaning industry.


First off, thanks for visiting our website! We are really pleased to announce the launch of Make Life Easy (MLE) and introduce an exciting, new commercial cleaning technology product!

Okay, we’ll calm down… Let’s look at why we think the commercial cleaning industry is in need of a tech upgrade.

After more than 15 years working in the commercial cleaning market, it became clear to us innovation was focused on the cleaning products or machinery, not the business itself. We believe it is time to look at why we do what we do, not just how we do it.

MLE was created to help cleaning businesses break through the barrier to genuine innovation. Our management app (MAAPP) is designed to make life easier (see what we did there?) for cleaning companies and their staff, especially their managers, and promote stronger working relationships with clients.

Whether recording and reporting H&S issues, training, inductions, quality checks, or sales opportunities, the cleaning industry relies heavily on paper. This is a costly and time consuming process. Typically managers dedicate hours of their week filling out forms and delivering them to headquarters where requests are processed before paperwork is filed in over-loaded cabinets. Sound familiar?

MAAPP does the hard work for you. Our app records data from the manager at any time or place (eg while on-site with the client or in a coffee shop between site visits) and delivers it, in real time, to both your own company portal and a customer portal for your clients. Relevant personnel from your client’s business and your cleaning company receive the information simultaneously and can action it immediately – eliminating the need for laborious paperwork and significantly speeding up the information sharing process.

This technology gives your managers more time to focus on the important things such as managing their staff, building strong relationships with their clients, and ultimately growing the business.

MAAPP makes life easy – so what are you waiting for? Find out more today!

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