It’s time commercial cleaning had its lightbulb moment

It's time commercial cleaning had a technology upgrade
New technology can revolutionise commercial cleaning

Before Edison invented lightbulb technology, the working day was dictated by hours of daylight and company productivity changed depending on the time of year.

Lightbulb technology revolutionised business almost overnight (no pun intended). No longer limited by daylight, companies could create shift patterns which best served their customers’ needs and accurately forecast productivity levels to generate growth.

It’s inconceivable to us in 2017 that working hours would be restricted to when the sun was shining and our profitability could be thwarted by something as unpredictable as the weather. Imagine for a minute how different your operations would be – and how difficult – without electric lights.

Certain innovations become so engrained in our daily lives that we take for granted their benefits and yet we naturally resist the change. It seems ridiculous to us now that any business would reject the benefits of the lightbulb and instead choose to stick with the old way of doing things – yet that’s what happened when Edison’s technology was first unveiled.

We believe digital technology is the new lightbulb. Failing to adopt it and use it effectively is akin to choosing not to bother with electric lights in place of sticking with the status quo – even if it’s making life more difficult.

Why would any business do that?

Our MAAPP technology is designed with one thing in mind – to make your life easier. Stop fumbling around in the dark and drop us a note today to find out how MAAPP can benefit your business, your staff and your clients.