King Arthur and the Health and Safety Claim

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Fight off your future health and safety claims by strengthening your Armoury now.


ONCE UPON A TIME in Camelot King Arthur was settling down for breakfast when Lancelot rushed into his chamber:

“Sire, there has been an accident in the kingdom!”

King Arthur leapt to his feet, called for his team of advisers and demanded more details.

“The blacksmith has severely burned his hand and will never be able to work again!” exclaimed one.

“No, I heard it was the blacksmith’s son who had been injured playing in his father’s workshop!” shouted another.

“You’re both wrong!” yelled a third, “The blacksmith’s son severed his arm in his father’s workshop and the blacksmith burned his hand as he tried to help his son!”

The King was at a loss. Without accurate information and a clear understanding of the situation, he was unable to react effectively. He sent his knights across the kingdom to the blacksmith’s workshop to find out what had happened.

Three days later, his knights returned with a full report. The blacksmith had been working on the King’s new weaponry and had allowed his son to help him. Untrained, his son had burned his hand on the hot iron and, while panicking and trying to help his son, the blacksmith had trapped his arm and it had been cut clean off.

The blacksmith would never be able to work again, leaving the kingdom vulnerable without a tradesman to stock its armoury, and the blacksmith’s wife was demanding compensation from King Arthur for the loss of income from her husband’s injury.

The King breathed a long sigh. He knew the blacksmith was at fault for allowing his son into his workshop without proper training. However, due to the lack of any training records including health and safety awareness, the King had no way of proving that the blacksmith was to blame.

King Arthur had no choice but to heavily compensate the blacksmith. With no other trained blacksmith in the kingdom, Camelot’s armoury grew sparse and fragile and the kingdom couldn’t defend itself. It came under attack and the Camelot fell. King Arthur was forced to surrender his throne. He did not live happily ever after.


If only King Arthur and Camelot had existed in 2017 and he could have invested in MAAPP.


Here’s how the scenario might have played out:

  • King Arthur sits down to breakfast and receives an email alert.
  • The alert comes from the blacksmith’s site manager accurately describing the incident, with photos and time stamps.
  • The King mobilises his advisers immediately and reaches out to the blacksmith, his wife and his son to ensure they are well cared for in the immediate aftermath of the accident.
  • The King and his advisers collate training records from the MAAPP portal detailing the blacksmith’s own specialised training and his signed statement that only fully-trained assistants are allowed in his workshop.
  • The courts have full access to all historical training records and health and safety audits through the MAAPP portal, signed by both King Arthur and the blacksmith.
  • The court rules the blacksmith was at fault for not obeying the health and safety policy of the kingdom and the King is not liable for compensation.
  • With fully up to date training records, the King was also able to identify gaps in training and skills across his kingdom, so had already started to train another blacksmith to increase capacity in the kingdom.
  • The new blacksmith could take over the role of building the armoury immediately, meaning the kingdom remained secure from outside threats.
  • The King supported the blacksmith and helped him back into working in a safe environment and the blacksmith, having learned a serious lesson, never took unnecessary risks again.
  • King Arthur and his kingdom lived happily ever after.

If scenario two sounds more appealing to you and your business (to be fair, if it doesn’t we’d be worried!), check out MAAPP and begin your quest to a happier, safer and more efficient kingdom…