Innovation is a buzz word in commercial cleaning, but is your business actually ready to innovate?

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Everyone wants innovation… until they are offered innovation.



Commercial cleaning is one of the oldest industries in the world and for the most part, not much has changed – water, method of scrubbing, chemical and elbow grease.


“Innovation” in recent years has focused on the method of scrubbing (the machinery) and the chemicals (or lack thereof, with an increasing effort for a green planet). With one or two exceptions, I’d argue this isn’t innovation, but evolution. It hasn’t challenged the way the industry operates, there are no game changers.


There has been little or no innovation in management of the business processes or management of staff. This is why we created the Make Life Easy management app (MAAPP).





Currently commercial cleaning managers will spend their days driving from contract to contract. Their core focus will be on quality checks, staff training, inductions, health and safety audits, reporting accidents or near misses, ordering of consumables, processing holiday requests, conducting job chats and inducting new recruits.


Having done all of that, and assuming there’s any time left in their day, good managers will also seek to spend time with your client to ensure satisfaction levels are high, proactively resolve any minor issues, and build a relationship to identify scope for additional work (ie the bit that helps your business grow).


They do this on each and every site, with each and every action requiring some form of data collection. Often this means taking a mental note on site and writing a report back at the office, or in the car, or a nearby café. Or, collating it on a variety of forms that they keep in an A4 ring binder as they walk around the site while simultaneously chatting with their cleaning colleague to make them feel valued and part of the team.


In either case, the recorded information is eventually delivered to the office, maybe daily, maybe once a week (maybe even less than that). One way or another someone is getting a heap of paper dumped on their desk to “deal with”. Invariably some will get lost, neglected (usually the sales opportunity…), filed in the wrong place or forgotten about completely.





Now imagine a world where your manager goes onto site with an iPad and can, there and then, collate everything listed above (and much more) and have all relevant information signed off in real-time by your staff and clients.


With just one change in process, the information suddenly takes just seconds to collect and file – with all data being shared electronically with your central admin or helpdesk team to action the minute it is recorded. Also, should you chose, information can also be shared directly to a client portal to keep them updated with all activity within their sites (they can view their national contracts on the same page should they wish).


No more losing H&S records or staff induction paperwork, no more neglecting new sales opportunities or missing the boat because of long delays (yes, in today’s world one week, heck even one day, is a long time to wait for something!).


What’s more, your client can receive real-time updates on actions being carried out on their behalf and communicate any specific requests with you via the online portal.


All the while you and your senior management team have an overview of everything that is happening through the backend hub (along with alerts you and your client can choose to receive about a range of issues such as accidents or near misses, quality scores and H&S alerts – all customisable).





Your managers can capture more detailed and accurate information on site without the need of a single piece of paper (how about that for sustainability?).


Information can be actioned immediately without the delay of paperwork being hand delivered to the office (how about that for efficiency?).


You can login from anywhere in the world to check out how your business is performing, including new sales opportunities being created and followed up (how about that for effectiveness?).


Finally, and importantly, MAAPP empowers your managers to take control of their contracts and enables them to be less dependent on other areas of the business to see actions through to completion. Action points recorded through MAAPP will trigger a reminder alert (set to a customisable timescale aligned to your own business policy) to ensure your manager carries forward the request (eg training to counteract a particularly low quality audit or check a flagged H&S risk).


More entrepreneurial managers operating within the framework of your organisation creates a highly scalable business model – meaning you can grow faster, more effectively, more sustainably and retain the high levels of quality expected of your brand.





The commercial cleaning world, for many years, has been left behind in the surge of technology, innovation and mobile data collection – that’s now changed.


True innovation is available, but it’s up to you to decide if you’re ready for it.


What will you do? Keep ploughing away with the slow, inaccurate and inconsistent process the industry has always used or, as Steve Jobs once said: “Think Different.”


Contact us today to find out more.