I don’t have time for that – the plight of a commercial cleaning managing director


How do you make more of your time if your constantly being pulled in different directions?


“I want to be more strategic. I’d like to be able to focus on the ‘big stuff’. I wish I could make more progress on my grand plan for the business.”

“But I just don’t have time for that.”

I’ve been that managing director trying to grow a national cleaning business while simultaneously managing 1200 staff. It’s not easy and it’s tough not to be distracted by the day to day needs of the business.

This is the plight of almost every CEO and managing director charged with running a service-led operations business… such as commercial cleaning or facilities management.

Sure, it’d be great to spend most of our working day focused on the strategy for hitting that three-year growth target or designing an execution plan for new market penetration, but stuff gets in the way.

Stuff like emails requesting a price for a one-off carpet clean, phone calls from clients reporting that a bin hasn’t been emptied or recycling hasn’t been carried out properly, a cleaner hasn’t turned up because holiday cover wasn’t arranged (or even reported), COSHH forms are out of date, equipment and materials need replenished… the list goes on, and on, and on.

What was that three-year growth strategy again? Hmm, maybe I’ll get to it at the weekend, or next week…

It’s all well and good a consultant-type parachuting into your business for a couple of days and commanding you to “focus on the important things” or “spend 70% of your time on strategy instead of operations”. But how do you do it? How do you extricate yourself from the day to day operations – the operations that are absolutely central to the success of your business? Where is the map?

Well, that’s why we created MAAPP™.

As a previous MD of a national cleaning business, I needed a piece of software custom-built for the cleaning and facilities management industry which captured data to reassure me the core operations were doing what they needed to do so I could get on with what I really needed to do. Grow the business  and if it could reduce my inbox by say 100 emails per day then I will also have a slice of that too sir!

On review, I found there wasn’t a piece of software out there that did what  I needed. The products on the market were so laden with functionality to cover all possibilities that I didn’t know where to start – so how could I expect my people to embrace the technology? There was also this weird concept of “syncing” but I needed real time data so I could apply real time impact. My needs were simple so  I went away and helped build  a product that is simple and powerful in equal measure  – MAAPP™.

Anyway, in short, MAAPP™ allows your people to quickly and easily capture data around the core activities which are fundamental for delivering an effective & sustainable service (you know what these activities are). Other nifty functionalities have been added to help increase revenues and both employee & customer engagement (you might not know what these are) and then we went super cool on some other functionalities that will help scale your business, empower your people and wow your customers (at this point you will think “gee – these guys really do make life easy for my people so I can now become more strategic”)

It’s a myth to believe that simply bolting on new technology will revolutionise your business. In my experience, bad technology or software that doesn’t quite fit your industry needs can create more problems than it solves (no, I’m not naming any names).

Having experienced myself at first hand the challenges of being a MD of a commercial cleaning business I know MAAPP™  will support your business and completely overhaul the way you operate as a managing director. Very quickly you will see the benefits in action and experience the revenue outcomes.

I could go on and list all of the tangible benefits for you, your people  and your clients, but you don’t have time for that right now and there’s probably an unemptied bin or chemical order needing your attention.

So in closing, I leave you with two key questions to maybe ask yourself from a strategic technology perspective in your MD role:

  • What tools do you currently provide your people to empower them to help scale your business?
  • As “smart” buildings and the Internet of Things begins to ramp up, are you poised and positioned via your platforms to participate in helping your clients and seducing new prospects?

If you’d like to find out a bit more or fancy a no obligation demo of the product, drop us a note.

What have you got to lose (aside from eliminating 100 emails from your daily inbox count)?


Rod Leach

Co-founder of Make Life Easy Ltd