Welcome to Narnia!


You know the story, the lion, the witch and the wardrobe? Well with a little imagination our 3 user experiences will take you to Narnia where anything is possible…


The Lion

The use of MAAPP controls what the information flow, alerts remind them when to process action

The one that drives what is happening and where but more importantly why!

This is the managers using MAAPP™, they feed information into the management app, stuff like quality, H&S, training and sales, basically every single activity they deliver on their sites they tap the screen to let others  know.


The Witch

This is where the magic happens

Ok, not quite a witch, but it is where the magic happens! We call this the Backend Hub. This sits on any number of PC’s and laptops within the cleaning/FM company and all the information from MAAPP™ lands here, in real time. Depending on what access rights individuals have depends on what they see (magic) – so the sales team only see sales. This is all stored on the cloud (more magic that no one understands) and for the most part just gets saved. It’s only when action is required does the real witchcraft kick in by sending alerts and escalations to everyone and anyone you select and with the timescales you decide. For example, you want your client to be visited every month, no problem, an alert will tell you when it hasn’t happened.


The Wardrobe

Narnia, door, gateway, wardrobe
A gateway for your clients to have real time visibility of your service

These have the doors to a whole new world!
Our client portal completes the experience, live access to what is happening on site, with alerts if you so choose.
Print reports, look at all your sites that are being cleaned by multiple cleaning contractors, zoom in to one site and drill down onto what is or isn’t happening – all from your desk.
You have the functionality to raise jobs, meetings and other activities from the wardrobe that speaks directly to the lion and witch!
So there are benefits for all users which helps grow the relationship between cleaning company and client whilst supporting growth and empowering your management team. A truly magical experience.

The 3 elements combined are designed to protect your current client base whilst offering you a platform to grow your business.

For further details of how MAAPP can add magic to your commercial cleaning business click here