I want to scale my business. Can MAAPP help?

We know its tough – but geez you can’t do it on your own. Your managers are good – but they could be better. Empower them by shoving an ipad under their arm loaded with MAAPP. Then step back and watch their IQ immediately double as they make better and more informed decisions & seek ownership of tasks.

I invested in similar technology and thought it would catupult me to new levels. What went wrong?

Two questions here: Is it a simple platform and is it a simple platform? If your technology came with a 56 page user manual its not simple – trust us! MAAPP however is simple & powerful and if it came with a box it can be used right out of it so don’t worry about your people not embracing it.

I’m struggling to find a platform that does absolutely everything. Does MAAPP?

Eh…… in this day and age you won’t need that. MAAPP focuses on the core deliverables of a good cleaning service. It can then buddy up with other specialist systems so you max out on impact and investment in all areas.

How can I possibly know that everything is going fine and dandy across all my sites?

Relax – You actually only need to be aware of two things:

  1. When something happens that is not meant to.
  2. When something doesn’t happen that is meant to.

MAAPP, with its intuitive alerts, notifications and escalation structure will let you know when folk need help and support  – or indeed when a site is distressed.

We do a lot of good work for our clients but it’s such an effort to communicate our value to them?

MAAPP is all about real time data flow for both you and your clients.  So as you carry out tasks like raising jobs, QA’s and Health & Safety management your clients can get immediate visibility as to site status – and they can even set their own alerts based on what is important to them.

Imagine a world where you don’t need to grab information from paper and then type it back into an email to send to a client…….just imagine that…….

It irks me when customers terminate, particularly when I thought we were doing well. Discuss?

Yup – Always a sore one this. If you use MAAPP then you will never assume customer loyalty but rather MAAPP will encourage you and your people to nurture, cherish and most importantly actively manage it? MAAPP gives your customers unprecedented levels of visibility and transparency of service delivery and will alert both you and them when the time is right to generate meaningful “whites of the eyes” engagement. 

Where else can MAAPP support my business?

See all these little value adds you carry out for your client? They soon mount up – but if your client doesn’t know about them they are worthless. MAAPP easily allows you to capture these “golden moments” so the customer can see, via their portal, all the good stuff you are delivering. Supports improved client retention and you know what – that annual contract review meeting might be a wee bit easier on your margins! 

Will MAAPP do anything for my sales?

Are you kidding? Of course it will! Firstly you will have substantially stronger relationships with your existing clients so that can only mean one thing from a sales point of view.

Secondly, a user of MAAPP can capture a sales opportunity in less than 1 minute. Alerts and filters ensure that opportunity is never lost and if you have 30 operational managers taking a minute each week to capture an opportunity then you do the math on impact on pipeline.

Imagine a world too where sales and operations work together in harmony.